Chantz M. Webb L.M.T.

Chantz has agreed to step in and help out Screaming Octopus for a few months while Tyana and Cherise are doing their continued education this October. He will typically be mornings at the Eastmont studio. Very talented, knowledgeable and hand picked for it.

Massage has been a part of my life for a many years. I started receiving massage due to sports injuries as a kid and teenager. I realized I wanted to become a massage therapist and help people with injures while transitioning out of the military due to my disability. I was in the Warrior Transition Unit during that time and saw many other soon to be veterans that could benefit from massage. My goal is to offer you the assistance needed to increase your well being, to be healthy and happy. I am also teaching and enjoy passing along my knowledge and experiences to others and hope that I can help mold another therapist into this wonderful field! I offer many treatment options to best meet your individual needs, including but not limited to, Injury treatment, Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger point, cupping KT taping and Sports massage. I look forward to working with each and every client to give them the best results possible and to help them meet their personal goals.