Cherise Hassett LMP, CHt

 Cherise Hassett LMP RHT

Cherise Hassett LMP RHT

  Cherise aims to work with those who are struggling to connect mind and body.   She has discovered from her clients and herself that the disconnection influences stress, anxiety, depression, disease and unspecified chronic issues.   Her focus is with clients who suffer from unwanted behaviors, understanding characteristics imprinted, mind and body acute and post trauma.   By empowering the client and creating awareness, clients find themselves healing through self discovery allowing them to live a life they deserve.

Graduate of Seattle Massage School 1997. Her body work is firm with the ability to deliver a pressure that is deep and comfortable with the client.  Resolving many chronic and acute conditions to help clients stay in their active life style.  

Certified/Registered Hypnotherapist 2013  

Certified Master Coach 2016

Connection begins with Coaching and Hypnotherapy, which helps you discover what is blocking you from you reaching your goals.  Allowing you to move forward from past trauma, addictions, and unwanted behaviors that may be holding your ability to reach your goals.  This is an amazing technique to help you empower yourself.  

Cherise continues to find techniques to facilitate healing.  Just recently started her study in energy medicine.  She actually began this many years ago with Jin Shin Do and is now moving toward assisting client to change their vibration.  By generating better energy enables clients to become more balanced body, mind, and energy.

Graduate of Seattle Massage School 1997                                                                                     Certified/Registered Hypnotherapist 2013                                                        Certified Master Coach 2016                                                                              Past Life Regression 2014                                                                                                       Spiritual Awakening 2017