Massage  is designed to target tired muscles, increase movement/mobility and release tension. It also is a great modality for  improving circulation, releasing fascia and decreasing stress.

 Cherise is well known for delivering deep work that you would not normally find on most tables. Her years of combining treatment of deep tissue, deep pressure, and swedish provide you with a comfortable but right on the edge pressure. She knows that everyone has their own "deep" and her intuitive ability and experience takes you to what your personal level of "deep". Other modalities she may incorporate are Myofacial release, trigger point, pressure point, reflexology, stretching and more. 


Of course we do  cupping at Screaming Octopus. Massage cupping is often requested at Screaming Octopus.  This ancient technique is also known as “negative pressure” which instead of pushing down on the tissue the tissue is lifted to loosen muscles, loosen fascia, encourage blood flow and help with the process of eliminating metabolic waste in the tissue.   For those that do not like the traditional pressure but still like the effects of a deep tissue massage.