Golden Ticket

February 9 10:00 to 3:00 $50 or $25 (see below)

“We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams"

-O'Shaunessy and quoted by Willy Wonka

Remember when you were a kid and Charlie got the golden ticket on Willy Wonka? It's kind of how I felt when I learned about the power of manifesting. I realized I am the maker of my dreams and can create my own reality.. Join Cherise for a day of manifesting! I'm excited to share a lot of what I have learned from countless hours of classes and research and what I have experienced from my own manifesting. This is beyond a focus board and goal setting. You will discover a whole new method of manifesting from the mind of a hypnotherapists, energy worker, coach. manifest-er and dreamer

Class will involve but not limited too:

  • - Lecture

  • - Group discussions organic and structured

  • - tools such as meditation, crystal grids and more

  • - group hypnosis participation or spectator

  • - guided meditation thorough out the class

  • - bonus hour for un answered questions

This class was strategically placed with the cycle of the moon.

Class is $50 Pre-ordered crystal grid $25 (deadline for pre order February 4) There will be a limited amount of grids for purchase at this work shop. Price will be posted for that soon. Dead line to register for this class is February 2/8.

You must book your seat for this event. We have re-located this class to Makers on 9th st. Gray building by JB Steamers and 7-11

being human

April 20/2019 Instructor Cherise contact at

“Here I am hanging out in my earth suit trying to fit in as a human.” -Cherise.

Tesla said: "If you want to understand the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"
If you want to better understand humans should we not also think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration as well? 
Watching how animals connect and communicate can be quite interesting. We have noticed that they all have their own forms of language. Humans have a language but still struggle at times to connect. I have noticed there are times that I walk away from a conversation unfulfilled with what the content could of been. Whether it is emotional intelligence, or ego getting in the way or just un authenticity there is a lack of connection in some conversations 

What I noticed is we have stopped reading deeper into what is being said. I feel emotional intelligence and the ability to control how we express ourselves could be some of it. We have learned as we grow to wear different masks. By creating an emotional awareness and unmasking the energy that lies behind the words may help us better understand other humans. Being Human is not just about feeling what is said but it is also about how to draw out the guts of the content the “what needs to be said.”

Lessons on this day: Learning how to ground to connect -How to better connect with others with energy and intuition-Understanding different personalities and how to better work with them-Listening with positive results

This class is excellent for those who want to learn a different way of connection for personal and business. Come raw, ready to connect, use new tools immediately and be ready for self growth.Want to take again... smart! I am constantly evolving which means my information is too. Come review and possibly learn a few new tools.
Class cost is $120 with early registration of $100 ending March 20.
Returning Humans $90
Sign up dead line will be April 1
Class size is limited and a minimum 8 with a 6 minimum
For professionals bring CE sheet to sign

Your seat can be gifted or resold, there are no refunds for this class unless we do not get minimum. Please notify Cherise of any changes.

The art of Tea leaf reading

To be determined at 6:30 cost $35 Learn the Art of Reading Tea Leaves
Tea leaf reading is a meditation & divination tool that has been practiced for centuries. Learn how to see and interpret symbols and unlock their personal meaning. This class will give you the tools and confidence to read leaves for anyone. Bring a friend to join in the magic! 
Contact Corrin “the Moon Witch” for seat at
Space is limited to 8 cups.
All tools will be provided. Just bring yourself and an open mind.

seated acupuncture

To be determined $29 (60 min) with Lisa
The points used are all on the front of the body and distal (ears, arms, legs) so there is no need to remove clothing. It is very relaxing, healing and affordable! For more information 509-888-4840