Golden Ticket Manifest with intention 

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams" - O'Shaunessy and quoted by Willy Wonka

Remember when you were a kid and Charlie got the golden ticket on Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? It's kind of how I felt when I learned about the power of manifesting. I realized I am the maker of my dreams and I believe it is possible to manifest those dreams into reality.

Join me for a day of manifesting! I'm excited to share a lot of what I have learned from countless hours of classes and research and what I have experienced from my own manifesting. This goes beyond your typical methods of focus boards and goal setting. You will discover a whole new method of manifesting from the mind of a hypnotherapists, energy worker, coach, manifester and dreamer.

Class will involve but not limited to:

- Lecture

- Group discussions organic and structured

- tools such as meditation, crystal grids and more

- The role of intuition, vibration and emotions

- group hypnosis participation or spectator

- guided meditation throughout the class

- bonus hour for un answered questions

This class was strategically placed with the waxing crescent moon.

Class $60 and booking by May 15 $50

Basic crystal grid available $25 contact me to pre order

Build your own and manifesting stones available and on sale the day of the class

You must book your seat for this event. There is no drop in seats at this time.

Contact Cherise for questions