Jason Underwood




Native of Wenatchee; WHS Graduate class of 1993;

Life-long Musician: Cello in local Orchestra from 8-18yo; Electric Bass in Rock Bands from 14-24yo; improv Jams & recordings;

Scouting & Outdoor Enthusiast: Back-Packing & Camping; Hiking & Biking: Gardening.

Path of Healer from an early age due to the influence of my Orthopedic Surgeon Grandfather & early access to medical books, as well as personal Health Issues;

Pre-Med undergraduate work @ Western Washington University, with Bachelors in Biology emphasizing Human Physiology, minors in Chemistry & Psychology in 1997.

Graduate work in Seattle in Oriental Medicine: Acupuncture, Cupping, Shiatsu, Reflexology, TaiJi, Diet & Herbs; Masters of Acupuncture 2003.

Advanced Studies in: ReiKi, AcuTonics SoundHealing, Japanese Meridian Therapy, Human BioField Energetics, QiGong & Medical Intuition, Mayan Time Science, Astrology & LifePath Advising, Crystal Healing, Divination.

Teaching Continuing Education classes for Massage Practitioners, as well as Muscle Kinesiology, Alternative Medicine @ local Massage School.

Practicing Acupuncture in the greater Wenatchee area since 2004.

Practice in Daily Health Maintenance Routine of Yoga &/or QiGong&TaiJi since 1994.