rose shahbaghlian lmt


East Wenatchee location

Rose graduated from the Columbia River Institute of Massage Therapy in Wenatchee . She is a compassionate healer, just beginning her journey in the world of massage and bodywork.

Rose is passionate about providing a superior, holistically soothing experience for clients. We all go about our days with some level of stress, whether it be mental, physical or situational. Rose’s goal is to create the space needed to allow the daily grind to melt away and invite restoration to take its place.  While therapeutic relaxation massage is one of Rose’s strengths, treatments will be tailored to align with the goals of each client. Deep tissue work, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology and breath work may be incorporated into sessions. Rose recognizes that massage is beneficial for a myriad of symptoms in the body, mind and spirit, and strives to help educate those struggling with issues they might not see as being typically treatable with massage.

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