Soul retrieval

   Soul retrieval is a regression therapy within this life time or another.  It is meant to recapture a trait or part of the personality, soul, or consciousness left behind, taken away, or given away.  This condition has been known to be caused by trauma.  In some cases it may be a loss of freedom, innocence, independence, trust, joy, power and so on.  With hypnotherapy we are able to discover where these traits may have been blocked, hidden or forgotten.  When we retrieve and reintegrate you start living more within what you choose instead of what you feel you were left with.  Book for 90 m. 

Sacred Journey

Much like a shamanic journey done by the indigenous tribes this method is done through guiding the subconscious mind to collect information to create awareness.  This has been modified through hypnotherapy using guided and metaphor techniques.  The purpose of the journey is to obtain information from your subconscious mind.  In the session you will discover wisdom through spirit guides and higher providing you with wisdom, information and guidance.  Book 90 m. 

Why would you choose this method of hypnotherapy?

-Reconnect to you that you miss
- Awaken spiritually
- Become more self aware
- Understanding your purpose
- Unexplained phobias, stress and anxiety
- Connect you your higher consciousness