This amazing technique can be used for most everything from self awareness to pain management. There is a difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy I have discovered. Hypnosis is more of a guided meditation providing a temporary fix. Hypnotherapy is where you dive deep into your subconscious and unconscious mind allowing you to discover why you have unwanted behaviors or where maybe you lost your power to move forward in life. This style of treatment is very powerful for self discovery, empowering you to live a life you deserve.

Many believe that you come into hypnotherapy and you leave "cured". This is not true you leave with answers, awareness, and with discovered tools to use in your life helping you to meet your desired out come.  Some times we get stuck, I have found that with better understanding of ourselves we can move forward.

I will admit since I have completed many session of hypnotherapy and coaching on my own my life, my world has transformed into a life that years ago I could only dream about from life style, business, boundaries and relationships. I highly suggest it to all who are ready to discover life and to start manifest their dreams.

 Smoke cessation clients are required to read Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr and do a 20 minute free consult before booking appointment.   There is so much hypnosis on line to quit smoking but as many clients have found these are temporary fixes and if not done correctly could lead to other unwanted behaviors. The most known unwanted behavior food indulgence. Hypnotherapy is finding out why you choose to not let go and helps you find tools that will empower you to quit on your own and create a life you deserve. I have had several success stories and few fails with smoking cessation. In the unsuccessful stories I found that the client really didn't want to quite. Many of my massage clients who have quit on there own read the book above. I like to give the book option first to help you with the first step. When your ready to make a life change contact me.                                                                                                                    

If you would like to learn more information and have a consult please contact me at 888-4840 or cherise@screamingoctopus.com.  

* Please know that hypnotherapy does not take the place of your Counselor or Psychiatrist.