You can now book on line and see therapist menu including prices and specials on their profile.                                                                                    

Bulk hours for treatment plans at a discount are available. Check with your therapists for plans and policies.

 Gift certificates available and we have several ways for you to pick up. Please contact us or if you have a specific therapist contact them.


We accept L&I (work injury), PIP (auto injury), and HSA .

If you are wanting to use your Health Care Insurance understand we are considered out of network providers. Our clients don’t mind this because it prevents them from having to jump through a few hoops. How it works is you provide us with a prescription from your doctor or chiropractor with ICD10 codes, pay at time of service and you will receive a super bill to submit to your insurance company.  You may contact your insurance company to find out if you have massage available and if massage can be administered by a Licensed Massage Practitioner or acupuncturist

Check with your therapist prior to booking appointment in if you would like a super bill.