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30 Minutes  -  $35 - $50

60 Minutes  -  $70 - $100                                                                                                                             

75 Minutes  -  $95 - $130                                                                                                                        

90 Minutes  - $110 - $150

120 Minutes - $150 - $200 

 For more detailed pricing and specials please choose "Connect" under therapist

Bulk hours for treatment plans at a discount are available. Check with your therapists for plans and policies.

You may choose to add on to your service with CHABA, hot stone, cupping and aromatherapy for $10.  

Gift certificates available and we have several ways for you to pick up. Please contact us at 509-888-4840


We accept L&I (work injury), PIP (auto injury), HSA and we can provide you with a receipt so you can bill your insurance.  Please know in order to use any insurance you will need a prescription from your medical provider on file

Insurance treatment is usually 4 units at $25 per unit.  In order to bill your insurance company you will need to provide a prescription with CPT code of 97140 , diagnosis code ICD10, and treatment plan with a reasonable outcome.  Please know most insurance companies do not pay for maintenance body work so your script should also state that massage is medically necessary.  You may contact your insurance company to find out if you have massage available and if massage can be administered by a Licensed Massage Practitioner.