You may wonder how Screaming Octopus clinic might benefit you the golfer.  With grow coaching method  we are able to narrow down your goal.  Many will walk in and just state “I wanna be a better golfer” my response is usually "how do you want to be a better golfer?" Through coaching we can create a more  focused end result.  It may end up that you want more confidence, longer focus for the game, pain management or just to improve your swing.  This is the first step that leads us in to the subconscious mind.  Once we better understand the goal we are able to go into hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is very powerful method when playing a sport such as golf.  Understanding that it is not just physical but mental game.  How does working with the subconscious benefit your game?   Hypnotherapy works a lot with visualization this helps your mind create positive thoughts rather than thoughts that may be limiting your game.  This treatment helps program your subconscious mind to play the game you know you can play by finding blocks or limitations that may exist, building confidence and better focus.   It may also prevent the unconscious mind or your "self sabotage" from playing your game for you.  Hypnotherapy is for golfers who want to make a change and empower themselves throughout their game and gain that competitive edge.

Massage keeps your body playing.  I don’t know how many times I have had golfer come to the clinic not only with lower back and hip pain but shoulder and neck issues also.  With deep tissue my golf clients notice longer playtime with out pain,  maintain range of motion throughout game and quicker recovery.   When your body is feeling good you are able to focus on the game more.   Massage keeps the golfer in the game physically with less risk of injury.  I feel with connecting body and mind helps the athlete stay on top performance


Cherise Hassett LMP, RHt